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Green Energy by Conversion From Electromagnetic Energy

However, there are many questions without an answer hovering upon the inventions, the works and the experiments of the illustrious inventor.

Taking a brief look at the materials available to anyone, Wikipedia for example, it is astonishing that there is nothing left, even after several research programmes and large-scale experiments, carried out by Tesla. No theoretical basis of programs, no notes, no drawings, no conclusions – nothing. It is strange how although, the scientist stated that he was close to the completion and publication of certain pioneer theories, they have never been published, and after his death (1943) nothing was found.

These facts make you wonder whether Nikola Tesla is one of the many genius minds in the human history, who invented things that were not allowed to be invented.

In 1931, on the streets of Buffalo city in the northern part of New York state, you could see a Pierce Arrow Berlin car being driven, distinguishing itself not only because it was a luxury model, but also by the fact that it was moving quietly and without any trail of smoke. The car did not have a petrol engine, no batteries or fuel.

The driver of the weird vehicle was Petar Savo, a relative of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, and the engine he was testing was an electric motor of 1800 rpm and 80 HP, endowed with alternative current from a free energy receiver!

His achievement is much more important; he built the first free energy powered vehicle, which is a proof that the world can be energetically independent and that we are at the mercy and greed of some corrupt and pitiful specimens.

The Pierce Arrow model transformed by Nikola Tesla which was moving independently of any classical energy source and any conventional fuel, was fitted with an antenna having a length of 1.80 m located in the back.

Things get more and more interesting as we approach the core of the problem, in obtaining a usable energy produced from free energy. The control unit of the engine is described as a box with a length of 24 inches (61 cm), and a width of 12 inches (30 cm) and with a height of 6 inches (15 cm), located in front of the seat on the right of the driver. The box was electrically connected to the fan and had two other metal rods with a diameter of inches (6.5 mm) that were coming out from a box of about 3 inches (about 8 cm). Inside the box there were 12 vacuum tubes, wires and electronic components.

Unfortunately, Tesla didn’t succeed in carrying out his great vision, and all his documented work disappeared with the scientist’s death. What is left are comments and press reports of witnesses, most times, lay persons.

In 1892, Tesla said: Electrical energy is present everywhere in unlimited quantities and become a resource for all the cars in the world without the need (500) of coal, oil or gas…. This is the true concept of free energy.

This fact is, nowadays, fully recognized. The entire universe wallows in an ocean of electromagnetic waves ranging from the lowest frequencies and up to the highest. All solids, objects, everything around us emits electromagnetic radiation. The Earth has its own electromagnetic field (with magnetic poles) and so has the Sun and each material body in the universe. Even the physical body of each one of us emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Nowadays, to capture this form of energy, is not only possible, but it is also used widely. Each of us uses it daily without knowing it. For instance, whenever we answer the mobile phone, or whenever we turn on the radio in the car.

These devices, among other things, capture the energy of electromagnetic waves with a certain frequency, narrow and clearly defined, and convert it into electrical energy of a certain frequency. Then, this electrical energy is amplified, filtered, processed and decoded, in order to gather the information transmitted by the carrier wave.

However, the final purpose of such devices is not that of obtaining energy. That is why, the amount of collected energy doesn’t really matter, and what is much more interesting is the collection of energy with a certain frequency, with the smallest possible deviations around the target frequency.

Instead, the devices for production of green energy, aim to capture electromagnetic energy on all frequencies at the same time, so as to obtain as much free electrical energy as possible.

The number of frequencies ranging from low frequencies up to very high ones is huge. Practically, it is very difficult, even impossible, to collect electromagnetic waves from absolutely all existing frequencies. But there are devices that can collect at the same time, electromagnetic energy, on a large number of frequencies.

These devices are surprisingly simple and easy to achieve. They can be made at home by each of us. The assembly does not require any sort of specific knowledge in the field. The cost of component parts is very low and they can be found anywhere.