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Just Revealed: Secrets to Psychologically Dominate Your Ex

Almost all relationships are not based on an equal distribution of power; most times it is the woman who has got more power over the man. And usually the case is, whoever wields the most power in a relationship gets what they want when they want it.You are about to read the secrets of how to take charge of your relationship with your ex no matter if you are the man or the woman by not having to beg for it.

When I say dominate I mean psychologically, not by any type of physical or negative abuse in any way. You don’t have to be a jerk or an ass; it’s just about how you get the power to be in the driver’s seat of your relationship with your ex.

One of the most historically proven ways to dominate your ex is by SEX! This is a way that women and men (although mostly women) have dominated their spouse with since the beginning of time. If you really want to dominate your ex, the first place you have got to start is in the bedroom, or the car or the club (whatever you’re into.)

You need to start your psychological domination of your ex by “wiping the slate clean” that means that YOU determine when and how much sex you are going to have. When you do this you take away the power that has been held over your head for so long. You need to really withdraw and pull away from asking for sex and start to act nonchalant about it. After a while they will start asking you over and over for sex until you comply and by that time they will literally begging for it.

Once you take this power away, you will now be in charge of the relationship. You will be absolutely shocked at how effective withholding “the love” for a few days or even a month can lead you on the path of total psychological domination. When you keep this in mind and don’t become weak by reverting back to the old way of consistently asking, pleading and even begging for sex, you will start to be in charge.

Another way to psychologically dominate your ex is to treat yourself as good as you treat them, you should even treat yourself better actually. Many people in relationships try to get what they want by giving money, making big promises and showering their significant other with gifts.

Another great tactic is to treat yourself to really nice things in front of them; you can take your ex out to the mall with you and buy them a pair of shoes or an outfit while you treat yourself to the newest model of the iPad. It’s okay to even treat them to a nice lunch and have some light and easy conversation, but don’t get into the habit of buying them expensive gifts, you will just be getting used.

When you treat yourself well and buy yourself nice things, especially in front of them, you are showing that you have the ability to treat them like a prince or a princess but that they have to earn it first. Now that you’ve shown that you can emotionally dominate them and they will do everything they can to win you over and please you instead of the other way around.

These are just a few of the secrets you can use to physiologically dominate your ex and get them to do whatever it is that you want. Remember, you never have to be that needy, weak and clingy annoying spouse that has to resort to begging for every little thing that you want. Follow these secrets and take charge of your ex today.